Our counselling sessions are free of charge and we are bound to professional secrecy. We provide unbureaucratic assistance and can react quickly in critical situations. If you contact us for help, we will make an appointment as soon as possible.
If you are in need of more support than we are able to offer, we will assist you in finding additional
services and help.


Individual Counselling Sessions:
We offer orientation sessions to help you with questions regarding your life in general as well as psychosocial counselling sessions to help you through especially stressful phases of your life. We see ourselves as a point of contact for women seeking support. If needed, we will assist you in finding institutions and professionals who are especially qualified to help with your specific situation.
You can contact us via phone to make an appointment. You are also welcome to visit us (without an appointment) during our open office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 9 am -12 am

Feel free to contact us:

  • if you find yourself in a life crisis and feel burned out and at a loss

  • if you have experienced mental, emotional, physical or sexual abuse and if you are currently living in a violent relationship or forced marriage

  • if you are going through a separation or a divorce

  • if you are stalked while or after ending a relationship

  • if you are a migrant and have questions or need assistance (a translator might be needed)

  • if your life has changed drastically and you have questions regarding social or legal matters, e.g. separation/divorce, having fled to Germany, unemployment, pregnancy, relationship with a partner who battles addiction

  • if traumatic experiences are now affecting your everyday life

  • if you are mourning the death or decline of health of a loved one

  • if you think that food is becoming too important in your everyday life



Group offers:
The participation in one of the instructed groups offers another possibility to work on personal questions of life in the long-term. The groups have different key topics and working methods. They are not designed to impart teaching contents, but to be a place of encounter for the participants. Also, the groups aim to promote the self-awareness and personal development of each woman.

Current group offers will be published in due time or can be inquired by phone at the beginning of a half-year period.

Normally, ten group meetings are taking place in our facilities at the Robert- Koch- Str.18. The group leader is a qualified, trained therapist. The common language is German.

The costs for the instructed groups can be looked up in the respective publication. The individual counselling sessions are free of charge. Social welfare recipients and women with a very low income will pay a minimum fee after consultation.